Bristol and District Billiards and Snooker League






General Handicap Rules                                         

Handicaps shall be personally and individually adjusted after every League Match played. 

A winning players handicap shall be decreased by 5 points and a losing players handicap increased by 5 points.

No handicaps must go above -50 or below the maximum handicap of   130. After each League Match, a players opponent must sign the Handicap Chart to show the handicap has been seen to be adjusted. 

Each Player shall be responsible for ensuring that their handicap record is correctly adjusted and up to date. 

Team Knockout  

If a Team K/O Match ends in a tie - a further 10 minutes must be played by the last two players at the table, both starting from scratch. If still a tie, further 10 minute periods to be played by the same two players until a result is achieved. 

League Standing Rules  

Rule 1 Title of League

The League shall be known as the Bristol & District Billiards & Snooker League. 

Rule 2 Objectives

To promote the interests of the game of Billiards & Snooker and toorganise and carry out Championships and Competitions between Clubs and Individual players in membership with the League.To award trophies and prizes as may from time to time be decided. 

Rule 3 Membership

Membership shall be open to all approved Clubs in the Bristol area. Membership shall not be available to any Club indebted to the League. 

Rule 4 Management

The affairs of the League shall be managed by a Billiards Committee, all of whom shall be elected at a General Management Committee Meeting. The General Management Committee is empowered to fill vacancies as they arise and may co-opt at any time.                                                                                              The Billiards Secretary shall convene meetings of the Billiards Committee at which any TWO members present shall form a quorum. Each member shall be entitled to one vote. 

Rule 5 Annual Subscription

Approved Clubs may enter teams subject to a registration fee of 5 per team, payable before the commencement of the season. 

Rule 6 Registration and Transfers

No Player shall be eligible to play for any club until they have been approved and registered by the Billiards Secretary, and /or the Billiards Committee when necessary, and the Club Secretary has received confirmation of that registration.