Bristol and District Billiards and Snooker League


   Premier Division One Division Two Doubles Team Ted Poole 2019 - 2020 Previous Years Cup Match
Open Snooker Championship 2021-22
Round One
Best of 5 Frames (No Handicaps)
  Mike Dendy v Steve Weaver  
  Matt Whiting v Alex Davis  
  Mark Huggins v Naufel Saleem  
  Aidan Murphy v Bye  
  Luke Nicolls v Rich Hawkins  
  Matt Lancaster v Ryan summers  
  Derek Murphy v Jason Iles  
  Mark Hodder v Mohamad Sajjad  
  Darren Bond v James Lyall  
  Andy Weeks v Kurt Weaver  
  Martyn Weeks v Martin Morris  
  Paul Honess v Tony George  
  Ryan Lancaster v James Lane  
  Dave Williams v Jim Buck  
  John Martin v Tim Robertson  
  Rob Painter v Steward Good  
Matches to be played and results submitted by 24th December  



We would like to acknowledge the support of World Snooker Services, based in Fishponds and, who have kindly sponsored the supply of a set of top quality snooker balls. The set of Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro 1G balls are top of the range and will be used for the various League Competitionsí Semi and Final matches.


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