Bristol and District Billiards and Snooker League

Snooker and Billiard Rules




Rule 1 - Title of the League

 The League shall be known as the Bristol and District Billiards and Snooker League

Rule 2 - Objects

The objectives are to promote the interests of the games of Billiards and Snooker and carry out Championships and Competitions, between Clubs and Individual Players, in membership with the League.

Rule 3 - Membership

Membership shall be open to all approved Clubs in the Bristol area.  Membership shall not be available to any Club indebted to the League. Honorary Life Membership of the League may be awarded at an Annual General Meeting to a person so recommended by the General Management Committee

Rule 4 - Management

The affairs of the League shall be managed by a General Management Committee comprising of a President, Vice Presidents, Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Registration and Records Secretary, Treasurer and Eight other persons, to be known as the General Management Committee Members. With the exception of the President and Vice President/s, all shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, and be eligible for re-election.

The General Management Committee is empowered to fill vacancies as they arise and co-opt at any time.

 The General Secretary shall convene meetings of the General Management Committee at which any FIVE Members present shall form a Quorum. Each Member shall be entitled to one vote with the Chairman empowered with a casting vote where necessary.

Rule 5 - Annual Audit

Joint Auditors shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting to audit the financial and other affairs of the League, and to advise the General Management Committee as necessary. To issue an audit certificate to accompany the presentation of the League’s annual accounts, and to report their findings at the next subsequent Annual General Meeting

Rule 6 - Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held at the earliest convenient date after the conclusion of the playing season. 

The meeting will receive the Chairman’s report for the proceeding year, together with such other reports as may be considered appropriate, and receive the League’s annual accounts from the Treasurer, with accompanying audit certificate and Auditor’s report. The meeting will deal with the election of League Officers and other General Management Committee members for the ensuing year, and any other business that may be presented in accordance with these rules.

The General Secretary shall give all Clubs in Membership 14 day’s notice of the date, venue and agenda of the Annual General Meeting.

Each Club in Membership shall have ONE vote, with no voting by proxy.

Rule 7 - Alteration or Amendments of Rules

These Rules may be altered or amended only at the Annual General Meeting of the League, subject to SEVEN Days notice in writing to the General Secretary, or at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose. A Special General Meeting may be convened only at the request of 50% of the General Management Committee or TEN Clubs in Membership of the League. Each Club in Membership is entitled to ONE vote, with no voting by proxy.

Rule 8 - Annual Subscriptions

Approved Clubs may enter teams subject to receipt of the required Registration Form by the Registration and Records Secretary. A registration fee, for each team entered, may be levied as determined by the General Management Committee.

Rule 9 - Player Registration and Transfers

No player shall be eligible to play for any Club until he/she has been approved and registered by the Registration and Records Secretary, at the September Registration Evening.  After the Registration Evening, a player can be registered up to the 1st January, by either the Club Secretary or Team Captain, by telephone or in writing, and with the approval of the Registration and Records Secretary.  The appropriate registration form and fee must be received by the Registration and Records Secretary within SEVEN Days from the date of the first match he/she plays, otherwise Rule 15 will apply.  Club Secretaries or Team Captains must state the Team and Division in which the player wishes to play, and the Division he/she played in previously if applicable.

Only a Club Secretary or Team Captain can register a new player in place of an existing registered player, providing the existing player has not played a match, or transfer a player, by the 1st January, at the discretion of the Registration and Records Secretary, with no additional fee involved. This will be subject to the approval of the Management Committee at the first available meeting.  The Management Committee will have overall control of all player registrations and movements, the Division in which a player will play, and any handicap imposed, should this be considered necessary.

A player shall not be registered or transferred until subscriptions, or any other obligation owed to the League or a Club, has been settled.  Any player found to have been registered contrary to this Rule will be suspended until the obligation has been fulfilled.

Rule 10 - Teams

Teams shall consist of FOUR players in Snooker, TWO playing at home and TWO playing away. Billiards teams will consist of TWO players.

Rule 11 - Players

Any Club entering Teams in more than one division may play lower-division players as reserves in higher divisions, up to a maximum of THREE times in total during one playing season. On playing a fourth time the player will be transferred by the Registration and Records Secretary to the next higher division in which the player’s Club competes.

Where Clubs have two or more teams in the same division, players shall not play for a team other than the one for which they are registered.  The Management Committee shall have power to waive or vary this rule under abnormal circumstances.

Players must be in attendance for matches no later than following times:

First player 7:30 pm; Second player 8:30 pm

The first player may claim the first frame if the opponent is not present and ready to play by 7:30pm. If the first player’s opponent arrives after 7:45pm then he/she may claim the entire game.  If the first game is finished, the second player may claim the first frame if his/her opponent is not present and ready to play by 8.30pm. If the second player’s opponent arrives after 8:45pm then he/she may claim the game.

Rule 12 - Fixtures

The Management Committee shall compile all fixtures. All League matches are to be played on the designated night for each division, according to the published fixture list, subject to approved playing night changes as listed on the fixture schedule. In exceptional circumstances re-arrangements are allowed, with the responsibility being with the team that cannot play to reach a mutually acceptable alternative date for the fixture. To postpone any fixture, notice must be given to the Registration and Records Secretary and the opposing Club.  Postponed fixtures must be re-arranged within 14 days and played within 28 days of the original date, or by the end of the published divisional programme, whichever date is the earlier. The result should be advised to the Registration and Records Secretary within 10 days of the re-arranged fixture, or within 3 days of the end of the published divisional programme, whichever date is the earliest.

Any team, having received a postponement and their opponents having failed to play within the prescribed period, must advise the Registration and Records Secretary immediately to claim the match points. Failure to do so will result in the fixture being rendered void with no points being awarded to either team.

In the event a club closes ‘early’, preventing a match from being completed, the home player will concede any outstanding frame(s) as a consequence.

Should there be a tie for promotion or relegation in Snooker, the results of the ‘head-to-head’ matches between the teams involved will be used as a tie-breaker. If still tied, the the teams will play a ‘play-off’ match on exactly the same basis as a normal league fixture i.e. home and away etc.

Rule 13 - Matches

All matches shall be played under the rules of the WPBSA, except for the Foul and Miss Rule, which does NOT apply to fixtures or competitions, up to semi-finals, involving Division Two teams and/or players. For the Open, Premier and Div One competitions, up to the semi-finals, and the Premier and Div One fixtures, a form of the Foul and Miss Rule will apply as follows:

“If the striker, in making a stroke, fails to first hit a ball on when there is a clear path in a straight line from the cue-ball to any part of any ball that is on or could be on, the referee shall call FOUL AND A MISS unless;

(i)                Any player needed penalty points before, or as a result of, the stroke being played.

(ii)              Before or after the stroke, the points available on the table are equal to the points difference excluding the value of the re-spotted black.

After a miss has been called per the above when there was a clear path in a straight line from the cue-ball to a ball that was on or could be on, such that central, full-ball, contact was available (in the case of Reds, this is to be taken as full diameter of any Red that is not obstructed by a colour) then:

 (i)                a further failure to first hit a ball on in making a stroke from the same position shall be called a FOUL AND A MISS regardless of the difference in scores;

(ii)              if asked to play again from the original position, the offender shall be warned by the referee that a third failure will result in the frame being awarded to his opponent; and

(iii)            if asked to play again from a different position, the Foul and a Miss situation starts again.

If a player is snookered then a Foul and a Miss cannot be called”

 Clubs are requested to ensure tables, balls and equipment allocated for League matches are kept in a presentable condition.

 All players should switch off mobile phones, or at least put on to silent mode, for the duration of a match.

 Home teams must provide a referee for all frames and failure to do so will lose 1 point per match.  If a team loses more points than won, the points deduction will be carried to the next match.

 Scoring in all League matches shall be as follows:

 Billiards - each player 250 up plus handicaps. One point will be awarded for each individual win, and one point for the team with the highest aggregate of points scored, a total of 3 points.

 Snooker - each player plays best of 3 frames. One point will be awarded for each frame won. There is NO LONGER a point for the team with the highest aggregate of frames won.

 Results for matches and competitions can be entered directly via the League’s website, or by email to the League’s email address: Alternatively, results can be sent by post using the traditional result card. Results must be submitted by both teams to be received no later than 10 days after the date of a match. All result notifications must include: Match Date, Team Names, Players and Opponents Names, Frames Scored (Snooker) or Points Scored (Billiards) and High Breaks Scored (30+).

 Failure to comply with this rule will carry a fine of £2, and a 1 point deduction for each result not received within the 10 day period.  Additionally there will be a 1 point deduction for teams providing an incomplete report.  If a team fails to provide 5 results they will be warned and, if a further 5 results are not provided, they will be withdrawn from the League programme. If after 10 days only one team has provided a match result, then that will stand as the valid result. Any request by a club regarding the result received from any other club in respect of any match, must be made in writing to the Registration and Records Secretary, within 21 days of the date of the match in question, after which period no request will be considered. Further to this if both clubs fail to provide a result within the prescribed period of 10 days, then the match will be considered “VOID” with no points awarded to either club.

 Rule 14 - Absentees

 Absentees shall forfeit to their team’s opponents 2 frames (Snooker) or maximum points (Billiards), and an additional match point shall be deducted from their team aggregate. Additionally a Team shall be fined £2 for each absentee, after 2 absentees in one season, a team will be warned about its behaviour, after 5 absentees in one season a team will be withdrawn from the League.

 Rule 15 - Ineligible Players

 Any Club playing an ineligible player shall forfeit all points gained in the fixture, and their opponents will be awarded 2 points for each ineligible player in Snooker and 3 points in Billiards.

 Rule 16 - Resignations

 In all cases of resignation from the League, or the dismissal of any Team or Teams, the whole of the Teams record shall be deleted from the League Tables.

 Rule 17 – Competitions


 Players/Teams wishing to enter competitions should do so by their Captain/Secretary submitting the appropriate entry form to the Registration and Records Secretary. The entry form requires a player/s name and a contact telephone number. Entries will only be accepted upon payment of the appropriate entry fee. Entries received after the competition close date will not be accepted.

 All matches are to be played on weekday evenings, Monday to Friday inclusive.  It is only by mutual agreement that matches can be played on a Saturday or Sunday.

 All matches are to commence, and players ready to play, at 7:30pm. Late arrivals will be penalised as follows:

 Not ready to play at 7:30pm – Forfeit One frame

Not ready to play at 7:45pm – Forfeit Two frames

Not ready to play at 8:00pm – Forfeit the match

 The choice of table/s and balls will be at the discretion of the home player/team, but the conditions must be as for league matches. It is the responsibility of the home player/team to provide a referee if possible. In the event there is no referee, the match shall still continue.

 The home player/team must contact the away player/team at least 2 weeks prior to the closing date and offer the away player/team a minimum of two dates, which must be in separate weeks.  Each week is considered to be a period of 7 days.  If the home player/team fails to contact the away player/team by 14 days preceding the closing date, the away player/team is entitled to claim the match, but this must be done writing via post or eMail, which must be received by the Registration and Records Secretary no later than the close date on the draw sheet. It is the player/captain’s responsibility to check with their Secretary or Club notice board when each round of matches is due to take place, and not rely on being told.

 It is the winner’s responsibility to notify the result to the Registration and Records Secretary before, or on, the close date as indicated on the draw sheet. The result should be submitted using post, eMail or via the website; telephone calls will not be accepted. Failure to submit by the required date will result in both players being scratched

 The Semi-Final and Final matches of all Competitions shall be played on neutral tables and on dates to be fixed by the Management Committee. No practicing on a selected neutral table shall be permitted on the day of a match and any player found doing so shall be disqualified.

 The WPBSA Foul and Miss Rule will apply to all Semi-Final and Final Matches where an EPSB referee has been appointed by the League.

 A player in a Semi-Final or Final match of any of the League Competitions must be suitably attired, which precludes the wearing of Jeans, Tee Shirts or Trainers.  If the referee appointed for a match is not satisfied that a player’s standard of dress meets the intention of this rule, the referee will disqualify that player and award the match to a suitably attired opponent.

 Any player not arriving at a selected venue to play a Semi-Final or Final, will be fined £10, and will not be allowed to enter that competition the following season.

Matches shall be contested as follows:

Snooker:       Open and Premier Ind Handicap – best of 5 frames up to and including the Semi-final and best of 7 frames in the Final. 

Div One & Div Two Ind Handicap and Pairs – best of 3 frames up to and including the Quarter-final and best of 5 frames for the Semi-final and Final.


 Billiards:        Open – 250 up, up to and including the Semi-final and 300 up for the Final.

 Div One Championship – 250 up minus current handicap, up to and including the Final.

 Should there be any reason for a player/team to raise a complaint, this should be done in writing and sent to the Registration and Records Secretary within two days of the ‘round close date’. Telephone calls will not be accepted.

 Open Competition

 All League players may enter the Open competition. Players not attached to a League Club are also permitted to enter. Such unattached players shall be treated as away players for the purpose of the draw.  Where two unattached players are drawn together in any round, their match will be played at a venue to be decided by the Management Committee.

 Individual Handicap Competition

 Any player may enter for the division in which they are registered.  However, if after the examination of the player’s record, the Management Committee may require a player to compete in a higher division’s competition.

 Players’ handicaps will be determined by the Management Committee and will be within a block of 7 i.e. 7/14/21 etc.

 Pairs Handicap Competition

 Players must be registered but do not necessarily have to play for the same club or team. Handicaps are determined by a players division i.e. Scratch for Premier, -21 for Div 1 and -28 for Div 2.

 Team Handicap Snooker Competition

 All players must be registered with the League, and can only play for the club with which they are registered, but not necessarily in the same league team. There is no limit on the number of players that can register for a team, but only three players play in a match.  Handicaps are determined by a players division i.e. Scratch for Premier, - 21 for Div 1 and -28 for Div 2.

 Once a player is registered for a team in this competition, that player cannot play in another team.  If a team falls short of a player, permission must be given by the Registration and Records Secretary to register another player.

 At the start of the match the captains will draw names to determine who plays whom. Each pair of players then plays one frame in order of play; the same order of play is then repeated for their second frame.  The player who breaks in the first frame will not break the second frame, his opponent will.  If a team so wishes, a 4th player may be introduced after the first round of 3 frames, replacing one of the original 3 players. The first team to win four frames will be the winners.  If, after the two rounds of frames, the score is tied, the captains will decide which player will play the seventh and final frame. The player ‘subbed’ by a team using a 4th player may not use the player ‘subbed’ for the deciding frame.

 All frames to be refereed by the home Team, up to and including the Quarter-Finals. The WPBSA Foul and Miss Rule will not apply.

 Divisional Team KO Competition

 All teams will be entered in their division’s competition as part of the registration process. No additional fees are payable.

 Specific dates from the League fixture programme will be allocated for each round including the final; these will be shown in the fixture schedule. Matches will be drawn at random by the Management Committee at the monthly meeting before each round and details will be posted on the League website.

 Throughout the competition, matches will be played in exactly the same format as League matches i.e. 2 players home and 2 players away, best of 3 frames. Similarly, the scoring is the same – one point for each frame won; there is NO additional point for aggregate frames won. In the event of a tie on points, the winning team will be decided by the highest break on the night. If breaks are equal then the next highest will count; so on and so forth. It is important therefore to keep a record of breaks scored.

 The venue for the final will be decided upon the toss of the coin between the 2 teams that have reached the final, with the winner having the choice to play at home or away. All players will play on the same night at the venue chosen. No EPSB referee will be appointed so the teams should provide a referee/marker for alternate frames, unless agreed otherwise by the Captains.

 A minimum of four players (no maximum) will contest a best of 7 frames in the Premier and Div One. Div Two will be played as a best of 5 frames match. Team captains will nominate a player for each frame, with the first to nominate being decided by the toss of a coin. Nominations will then alternate as the match progresses.

 A minimum of four frames should be played before any player can play a second frame. No player to play more than two frames.

 Rule 18 - Break Prizes

 Any break prizes offered or awarded by the League, shall apply only to League fixtures as shown in the current Handbook.

 Any player previously registered and having played in a higher division, but under a special dispensation granted by the Management Committee to register and play in a lower Division, shall not qualify for any “Break” prize in that lower division.

 Rule 19 - Protests or Disputes

 Any protests or disputes must be made in writing and will be dealt with by the Management Committee, which shall have power to order any match to be replayed. A fee of £2 must accompany all protests. This will be refunded if the protest is upheld.

 Rule 20 - Matches at Licensed Clubs

 No registered player under the age of 18 years shall be permitted to play any League fixture, competition or other match away from his/her home club, where by doing so he/she would infringe the licence of a member’s club.

 Rule 21 - Any Other Matters

 Matters not covered by the foregoing League Standing Rules shall be dealt with by the Management Committee whose decision will be final.