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Divisional Cup


2017-18 Season

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With both divisions running very close, coming into the last few matches, it was discussed at the latest committee meeting what we would do should there be a points tie. It was decided that there would be a play-off (or play-offs if more than 2 teams), at a neutral venue, organized by myself.


All competitions are progressing well, and all matches have been arranged. Venues and dates have been published on here if anybody would like to go and watch/support.

Divisional Team Cup Finals have now been finalised.

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2016-17 SEASON Honours


Leagues & Cups:

Premier Division League Winners: Page A   

Runners-Up: Brislington B

Premier Divisional Cup Winners: Page B

Runners-Up: Eastville A

Division One League Winners: St Edyths D

Runners-Up: St Edyths A

Division One Divisional Cup Winners: St Edyths D

Runners-Up: Warmley

Division Two League Winners: Whitchurch

Runners-Up: Pot Black

Division Two Divisional Cup Winners: Whitchurch

Runners-Up: Hanham B

Albert Chappell Award: Richard Pincott



Open Champion:  Tom Lancastle

Runner-Up: Kurtis Weaver

Premier Individual Champion: Darren Bond

Runner-Up: Kurtis Weaver

Division One Individual Champion: Ryan Lancaster

Runner-Up: Jason Iles

Division Two Individual  Champion: Martin Forshaw

Runner-Up: Steve Newton

Doubles Handicap Champions: Darren Bond & Aidan Murphy

Runners-Up: Tom Lancastle & Carey Revell

Team Handicap Champions: Brislington B

Runners-Up: St George

Ted Poole Memorial  Winner: Javaid Azad

Runner-Up: Steve Weaver


Highest Breaks:

Premier Division: Marcus Foster -102

Division One: Bob Hill - 61

Division Two: Martin Forshaw - 98


Highest Non-League Breaks:

Premier Player: Darren Bond 139

Division One Player: Anders Lewis - 94

Division Two Player: Steve Newton - 48