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2016-17 Season

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2015-16 SEASON Honours


Leagues & Cups:

Premier Division League Winners: Page B   

Runners-Up: Brislington A

Premier Divisional Cup Winners: Page B

Runners-Up: Brislington B

Division One League Winners: St Annes B

Runners-Up: St George

Division One Divisional Cup Winners: St Annes B

Runners-Up: Eastville B

Division Two League Winners: St Edyths A

Runners-Up: Page D

Division Two Divisional Cup Winners: Page D

Runners-Up: St Edyths A

Albert Chappell Award: Michael Burke



Open Champion:  Darren Bond (Brislington 'A')

Runner-Up: Tom Lancastle (Eastville A)

Premier Individual Champion: Darren Bond (Brislington 'A')

Runner-Up: Andy Weeks (Hanham A)

Division One Individual Champion: Andy Walker (St Annes B)

Runner-Up: Paul Honess (Eastville Redwood)

Division Two Individual  Champion: Ryan Lancaster (Page D)

Runner-Up: Aaron Burgess (St Edyths A)

Doubles Handicap Champions: Anders Lewis & Matt Whiting

Runners-Up: Jim Buck & Terry Challenger

Team Handicap Champions: Brislington A

Runners-Up: St Annes B

Ted Poole Memorial  Winner: Paul Perks

Runner-Up: Bob Bessell


Highest Breaks:

Premier Division: Matt Lancaster (Page B) - 109 

Division One: Andy Cooper (St George) - 66

Division Two: Kevin Penney (St Edyths A) - 53


Highest Non-League Breaks:

Premier Player: Darren Bond (Prem KO) & Andy Weeks (Open) - 85

Division One Player: Jamie Wilkes (Div 1 Cup) - 43

Division Two Player: Aaron Burgess (Div 2 KO) - 47